Info Tips

Here some words in Papiamento:

Bon Bini = Welcome
Bon dia / tardi/ nochi = good morning / afternoon / night
Por fabor= Please
Danki = Thank you
Dushi=  Delicious, sweet, darling.
Sushi = Dirt, garbage
Sunchi = Kiss
No = No
Si = Yes
Aio= Bye

- Remember adapt your watch into local time.

- Our local currency is the Antillean Guilder
1.75 = $1 US dollar.

- Sales tax is = 5%

- Once in Curacao, don’t forget to hydrates, use sun block as much as necessary and at the beach wear beach sandals for your comfort.

- All commercial stores accept US dollars and might give you change in dollars except supermarkets and drugstores those gives change in local currency.

- Most hotels have daily shuttles to town, to ensure your shuttle service; you should sign up the night before at the hotel front desk.

- If you need advice about where to stay according to your needs in budget you can openly contact us.

- Once here, and you need to call home we recommend you to buy calling cards like “TILIN’ or “LATINA” and use them at the public telephones Our public water system is desalinized and if necessary you can take it from the tube.

- We highly recommend you to avoid taking any kind of fruit from the trees, some of them can be poisoning.

- If you wish to rent a car consider the following: your minimum age must be 23 to 25, you must have an updated driving license and sign a credit card authorization voucher as a deposit that could be between $300 to $500

- We highly recommend you to visit: The Ostrich farm, Hato Caves, The Curacao liqueur distillery, Sea Aquarium, Cas Abou Beach (selected as the top 5 most beautiful beach in the world), Porto Marie Beach, The Plantation house Jankok, Kura Hulanda Museum, our Historical downtown, the Synagogue of 1732, the Fort Amsterdam and Riff Fort, the floating market, the old market “Marhe Biew” a lunch time local restaurant in downtown. By night: Mambo Beach, Club Bermuda, Cinco, St Tropez, Asia de Cuba, Iguana Café, Fort Nassau, Brakkeput Mei Mei.

- Our official languages are Dutch, English and the native Papiamento and also Spanish is widely speaking on the Island.





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